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We are actively searching artists in the North Carolina / South Carolina area and beyond.

We are always searching for talent but there is no better source than YOU, the artists and consumers. Whether domestic (USA) or abroad, Please Visit our Contact page to submit your art for review! It's up to us to change the world. Lets start today!


We are actively searching artists in the Washington metropolitan area and beyond.

new york / pennsylvania

We are actively searching artists in the Tri-State area and beyond.


ARTISCEND is an online magazine dedicated to telling the stories of amazing artists, businesses and organizations who are improving their communities.

Social media has changed the way we communicate with one another. Whether it's Skype allowing a deployed Marine to read a bedtime story to his daughter from miles away or Facebook reuniting high school sweethearts, social media was created to enhance our lives by connecting us. However, despite all of the new and enhanced social technology (including the crowd funding projects we see today), there hasn't been a place for artists and businesses alike to directly receive spotlight, feedback, and financial contribution in the way that we hope to achieve with Artiscend. Our job is to be the avenue for the talented craftsmen and artists who want to see their work appropriately spotlighted and for the patrons of those artists to have a place to express their appreciation.

     We always feel like those who deserve it most are those who are appreciated least and we hope to help change that. Musicians can connect with the fans uplifted by their music, Application designers and game developers will have a platform to receive credit and contribution from the technology they’ve created and inspired. Wherever the artists are changing the world, we'll be there to help them realize their vision.

"If the people who uplift and inspire our communities are not being acknowledged and appreciated, we're failing in our social responsibility. Our mission is your story."