Celebrate something inspiring!



Founder & Manager

B.A. Entertainment Management @ South Carolina State University


Founder & CEO

B.S. Business Administration @ North Carolina Wesleyan College

M.B.A. Logistics @ Strayer University

Founder & Chief Editor

B.A. English / Journalism @ North Carolina Wesleyan College



Artiscend LLC was founded in 2016 by Mossette Heath, James Randolph, and Terence Trent. Three young men--college graduates with big personal ambitions realized soon after school that the world they wanted to see was quite different than the one they lived in. Randolph worked as a writer in the Washington DC area where political scandal and controversy dominated headlines. Heath-a Navy veteran and business specialist spent time analyzing business logistics and the impact of corporate greed on small-town communities. Trent entered the nonprofit sector and was enamored with the number of genuine people who worked tirelessly to help build and anchor a sense of community in his hometown. Together, the three begin to actuate the vision of a media company focused on the "good news headline". The company motto "Celebrate something inspiring and inspire something worth celebrating", is as much an aspiration as it is an inspiration. The three founders believe that although the world is filled with dreadful and terrible stories, there are as many stories of everyday women and men who defy the obstacles and uplift their respective communities through their work or service; if we want the youth and the world to imitate those stories, we must celebrate and share them with the same diligence and fervor that we share the other headlines. If we continue to champion the great works of artists and professionals whom dedicate themselves to service and inspiration, we will inevitably inspire others to follow their lead. 


Artiscend LLC is a media platform dedicated to artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs using their respective products or services to uplift and empower others. We often say that those who deserve the most are appreciated the least and our goal is to change that. We specialize in profiling individuals and organizations devoted and committed to positive change, and sharing those stories with the world.