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Our lawyers are board-certified specialists in the field of malpractice. With a combined experience of over 45 years, you're in good hands with us.

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Mr. Aubry's practice mostly addresses cases of medical malpractice, defective medical devices and the misuse of dangerous pharmaceuticals.  Mr. Aubry is a graduate of Harvard.



Here at Artiscend, we understand that the legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – we're here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. Don't let yourself get buried in details. Contact us instead.


Sandra Nelson is a founding partner of Artiscend. Her area of expertise focuses on wrongful death as a result of medical malpractice. Her deep experience as a trial lawyer involving many complex cases has resulted in a strong success record.

Our Mission

Artiscend LLC was founded in 2016 by Mossette Heath, James Randolph, and Terence Trent. Randolph worked as a writer in the Washington DC area where political scandal and controversy dominated headlines. After working as an intern at Defenders of Wildlife and other publications, he resolved to dedicate his journalistic work to companies who were fighting for and creating positive change within communities throughout the area. He tapped his closest friends to help develop and actuate the vision of a media company focused on the "good news headline". The company motto "Celebrate something inspiring and inspire something worth celebrating" is as much an aspiration as it is an inspiration. The three founders believe that although the world is filled with dreadful and terrible stories, there are as many stories of everyday women and men who defy the obstacles and uplift their respective communities through their work or service; if we want the youth and the world to imitate those stories, we must celebrate and share them with atleast the same diligencee and fervor that we share the not-so-good headlines. If we continue to champion the great works of artists and professionals whom dedicate themselves to service and inspiration, we will inevitably inspire others to follow their lead.